Hand of Ruin

by The Albatross

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William Tatton
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William Tatton true metal in the purest sense. the band is just a trio, but the sound is much bigger. the guitar has a great feel and the tone is just the right mix of evil and steel. the drummer is a monster on the double bass and has the timing of a clock. great tunes Favorite track: Burning Down the Gallows.
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released September 14, 2014

Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Steve Seid at SBS Studios in Fair Lawn, NJ 2014

Produced by The Albatross and Steve Seid

Artwork by Robert Mallinson



all rights reserved


The Albatross Fair Lawn, New Jersey

HAND OF RUIN - Available 9.14.14

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Track Name: Abolition
You say he’s the savior of humanity
Well he’s more like a plague bearer to me
Just watch as his ideas spread amongst you like a sickness
This rise from ruin has no quick fix

You can’t build paradise on a cesspool of filth
Step back and you will see everyone becoming slaves as they fulfill someone else's dreams

Where is your trepidation?

The last few grains of sand are beginning to fall
Now is not the time for us to stall
This man will be the end of you all

Seize this moment of clarity and come back to reality
Just remember when this whole world goes to shit
 that it could have been prevented

You’ll continue breeding children in an era of vile things
They’ll grow into the epitome of our disease of our disease

Blasphemous! Abomination! Abhorrent! Disgraceful! Abolition!
Another bastardized anathema to become your king

Eradicate this kingdom of deception
Overthrow this putrid tyrant

Take back your fucking lives
Track Name: Cataclysm
As you look up to the righteous man

a realization of his existence is justified as a lie
Humanity will fall to its knees

as their world is torn apart before their eyes

This upheaval will erase our existence

reducing all to ash

Wars created by modern day man will lead us all to death
Mankind has fueled the revolution degrading all to immoral pigs

Unity has vanquished in time by the growth of selfishness and greed 
Consequence and fear, what can be a bitter end to all we believe

Man vs. man

Pig vs. pig

There is no difference
This is what we create
Track Name: Enlightening the Blind
Waiting for something to happen
Life seems so meaningless living in a comatose existence

Swimming circles under watchful eyes

we must never stray from the path
It’s so aggravating never being able to find an identity

You’re just another brainwashed sheep herded into line

Do you feel it? The haunting chill of wanting more
Everything will stay the same unless you open your fucking eyes
Don’t tell me you’re able to digest their force-fed bullshit

When push comes to shove I’ll rise above

with those who see this world for what it really is
So stay behind playing blind if thats what gets you through life
Track Name: Burning Down the Gallows
Keep shelling it out like we’ve got endless pockets
We seem to be building our own gallows
and tightening the noose around our throats

Come one come all!
Watch us choke

The rich get richer and the poor get fucked
They’re sitting pretty while we’re struggling

to keep our heads above water

This cost of living, rising like the tide, has washed us out to sea
This minimum wage strangle hold is choking the life out of us all

We're born into this life, brought into this world without a choice

So keep your green paper currency
Show us what it is to be money hungry
Just keep your green paper currency
as we’re all destined to be born
into the shackles of endless debt

We're sure to drown in an ocean of greed and dollar signs
The burden of existence feels like the weight of the world

crushing our backs

The root of evil makes the world go round